Weihe Glück

Weihe Glück, St.Pr.St. , born 2012, Oldenburg.

(Totilas - Blue Hors Don Schufro - Sandro Hit),pedigree

Her dam is a multichampion mare Weihegold OLD. (Olympic medals in Rio 2016 etc.)

Weihe Glück herself was 1g Brillantring Elitestutenschau, Rastede, Germany, summer 2015. Her fullbrother is Total Hope, who is a succesfull breeding stallion. Weihe Glücks sire is Totilas, one of the best dressage horses ever.

Four horses have broken the 90% result in competitions throughout the ages (12/2016), two of them are Totilas and Weihegold.


2020: Vivito de Halliers (Vivino), Oldenburg. Colt.Embryo transfer.

2019: Weihsina de Halliers (Feinrich), Oldenburg. Filly. Embryo transfer.

2018: Figo de Halliers (Fürstenball), Oldenburg.Colt. Embryo transfer.

2018: Vito de Halliers (Vitalis), Oldenburg. Colt. Embryo transfer.

2017: Weiza de Halliers (BH Zack), Oldenburg. Filly. Embryo transfer.

2017: Dream de Halliers (Dream Boy), Oldenburg. Colt. Embryo transfer.read more..

2016: Weihe de Halliers (Glock´s Johnson), Oldenburg. Filly. Embryo transfer.
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Weihe Glück

Weihegold OLD and Isabell Werth